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Kim Mc Miller Associate Director, Consumer Relations Post is being acquired by Ralcorp. This is our best chance at getting this product back!Kraft Foods ruined the brand and ran it into the ground, but perhaps we can hope for a revival of Post.And I thought I was the only one that ate that cereal. Wise up and feed the public the oat they will forever enjoy!!! I grew up loving Post Oat Flakes and even knowing they were discontinued, I still scan every supermarket aisle in hopes that a box might show up!It's wonderful to see so many other fans of Oat Flakes. The greatest cereal ever and I pray that Post or whoever has the rights will see this board and realize there are many people whose lives won't be complete without one last bowl!!!

And we always said it in full, oddly enough "Post Fortified Oat Flakes, please." I thought surely, I'll find some "Hometown Favorites" group where I could order it at a box as a surprise for the next time we all get together. I have been looking for it since they took it off the market. We always like to acknowledge when our consumers provide us with information that can help us serve you better.

Back in the day, I wrote and called and did everything but headstands wtih the company.

I was told that when GM or Nabisco or whoever (I forget, it's been so long) bought out Post, the new company dropped Oat Flakes.

Don't listen to those creeps who tell you "But it's the dioxin that gives them that special flavor! You only needed a small amount cuz it was "concentrated" plus it had lots of iron. I was eating a bowl of Life for supper, and I was recalling that sweet taste of fortified oats, I got online just to see if I could order a case..

To my surprise and dissapointment I am unable to get that little box of Post flakes that made my day back in the 90's....

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Keep on top of this merger and as soon as it's official start e-mailing Ralcorp. Maybe we can convince the new owners to listen to us!!

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