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As we wander through the sprawling ancient complex, it is easy to imagine what life must have been like for the soldiers that lived here - from the legions of Rome to the armies of Edward I.

After the tour of the castle, we then travel over the rather dramatic scenery of the Llanberis Pass to Llanberis, where we visit the National Slate Museum which outlines the history of quarrying and slate in Wales since the original quarry was opened in 1870.

Although it closed only 15 years later, a marvellous effort has come to restore the line, and in 1980 it began running again, to the great pleasure of anyone that has had the fortune of travelling on it.

The particular stretch of line that we are travelling on today was restored and re-opened in 2011, and takes us through the spectacular rolling hills and dipping valleys that are so synonymous with Wales.

It also has the lovely title of being the longest pier in Wales, taking you out into the sea and giving you a delightful view of Llandudno behind you.

This morning we visit Conwy Castle, a wonderfully preserved 13th century castle.

We also visit Plas Mawr, the best-preserved Elizabethan townhouse in Britain.

We then continue to Bodnant Garden, which spans 80 acres, including a beautiful wild garden, an explosion of colour and scents that is the perfect outing on which to end the final day of the holiday.A guided tour reveals its intriguing history, from its initial and somewhat humble beginnings as a Cistercian monastery, to its part played in the War of the Roses, to its eventual ruin in the 17th century.It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, a title which it shares with many of the Castles of King Edward that are scattered throughout Wales.Departures WDS1801, WDS1804 and WDS1810 Days 3 and 5 have swapped around.Departure WDS1807 Days 2 and 5 have swapped around.

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This evening, we return to our hotel and enjoy a talk on the history of Llandudno ahead of dinner by special guests from the Llandudno Museum.

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