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They know Sara and I are not friends anymore and have been trying hard to help us be friends again. I wish you had enumerated how she tried to start the affair.

A couple of them are even angry at me for cold shouldering Sara "for no apparent reason." I know they are well-meaning but it is driving me crazy. Did she say to your husband, "I know it's wrong, but I can't get you out of my mind and I want to have sex with you!

I still see her in social functions but I deliberately have minimal contact with her.

Our mutual friends have no idea what happened, and this isn't something I want to share.

A: I can't get the image out of my head of your boyfriend looking like Frank Sinatra, drink in hand, fedora cocked, as he peruses the swinger websites saying, "Ringa Ding Ding." Where did you meet this guy, at a support group for exes of swingers, or of ex swingers?

I think the definition of someone who's still a swinger is a person who remains signed up on swinger websites because they're "humorous." If you'd been married to an alcoholic and found yourself dating someone whose couch cushions were stuffed with empty bottles, you might conclude you're part of the problem and are attracted to men who are going to keep making you miserable in the same oh-so-familiar way.

I think you should look to date someone for whom the idea of a swinger website makes him want to slather himself in sanitizing gel. Husband Doesn't Feel Sad About 9/11: I have been married for 2-plus years to a man who is wonderful in many ways.

His explanation of why he does this is he finds it humorous.Join our club and in only one minute you can get a VIP for life membership which gives you: Exciting and modern, perfect for dating, friendship or just chatting. It is your perfect home to join from mobile or desktop. We treat data as an asset that must be protected against loss and unauthorized access, all your information is completely safe and secure.Submissions that appear on the public area of Swingers Club are moderated and, if necessary, we reserve the right to edit, delete, remove or not use any communication on a public area of the site.Two years ago she tried to initiate an affair with my husband.I spent the next 18 months wanting to forgive her, in denial about the seriousness of her breach of trust, and trying to make up with her.

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She has repeatedly lied to me and has zero understanding of the wrong she's done—in fact, she thinks she is the victim here somehow.

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