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So when the person you're interested in calls someone out as "your type," it is probably an indicator that you are not their type.

While I'm not advocating a full face of makeup and a ball gown for each hang out, if you like someone, chances are you'll put a tad bit of time into how you appear in front of that person.

Verb tense is "Friend-ed"Whether you're you're Jorah Mormont lusting after the unattainable Khaleesi on Game of Thrones, or Ducky in Pretty in Pink, here are the 13 signs you know for certain you're in the dreaded friend zone.

I recall a guy friend saying once that a good way to gauge a woman's interest in you is to "touch her in a playful way and see how she responds." Does she playfully touch you back, or does she grimace and walk several feet away?

The film revolves around humorous observation of strictly platonic relationships as "just friends" or "just as best friends." It was shot in Regina and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

The film was released on November 23, 2005 and grossed million.

Usually initiated by the woman saying, "You're such a good friend".

Usually associated with long days of suffering and watching your love interest hop from one bad relationship to another.

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