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Dating on earth movie

moves, sounds, and acts like a typical Marvel movie, but then unmasks itself as a creature distinctly its own.

Instead of showing us why these characters are so beloved, the Russo brothers employ a Marvel shorthand of sorts, relying on past movies to do most of the work.

Perhaps the easiest way to reconcile this is to understand that is that it’s a comic book movie.

Comic book artists aren’t bound by visual effects budgets, so they’re allowed to give us priceless imaginations on paper: new worlds on every page, mystifying beings, dazzling spacecraft, spellbinding powers, and megaton fights.

Not all of the film’s heroes are underutilized, though.

Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) fear of a galactic threat, established over the past few films featuring him, is fully realized in Thanos, and Downey sinks his teeth into Stark’s vulnerability and apprehension.

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And that’s not an unreasonable instinct: Captain America’s first onscreen return in is awe-inspiring in large part because he’s the Captain America who’s lived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the past seven years.

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