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This Johnny Thunders clone with the Robert Smith lipstick, Billie Joe Armstrong guyliner, portable Vox amp, and raging hangover cranked out a killer garage-rock cover of a children’s classic that should be this season’s coronation song.

(The Lionel jokes on this show practically write themselves.If you don’t know, last week, 12 of the top 24 took the stage with a celeb entertainer to sing a duet.Tonight, the remaining 12 contestants will take the stage once again with a whole new crop of celeb entertainers.Lionel and Katy hemmed and hawed, but I’m Maddie Poppe, 20: “Rainbow Connection” What’s even more American than Ron Bultongez’s American dream?Maddie yodeling a Paul Williams-penned Muppets classic.

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Oh, the Harper Grace, 16: “Yard Sale”/“Young, Dumb & Broke” What’s more American than Maddie and Muppets?