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When you have mandatory fields, life is much simpler. Sure, your code ends up being a little more complex but that is because you actually have a more complex situation.Since they have the overhead of tracking which type of data they are holding at any given time, they are in fact slightly slower than explicitly dimensioned Variables for the same operation.They are larger then almost any other Data Type and so take longer to move around in memory.If NULL then I bypass the Transfer Spreadsheet command. Personally I use often a function to get the value of a global (Public) variable.The declarations are as follows: Guess this is "by design". That way the variable can also be used directly in a query by referring to the function like: And, yes, the suggestion you made regarding using a function is a good one.

If the field is not mandatory then there are actually two pieces of information "Was a value given?

When the user wants to export data to Excel I allow them to specify the date range, but they can also Cancel the action.

If they hit Cancel, I want to set these dates to Null and then test for the Null value.

If a Function might need to return a Null Value, the return value for that Function must be Variant.

If you are working with data from Tables in your code, you generally must use Variants because of the distinct possibility of Nulls.

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