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By the 12th dynasty metal hooks with barbs were being used.Nile perch, catfish and eels were among the most important fish.Fish were caught with woven dragnets and weir-baskets Many Old Kingdom tombs have depictions of fishing with line and hook.

Fish behaviour and reproduction remained a mystery to the ancient Egyptians: seeing mouthbreeders spitting out their fry they thought that they were giving birth.When the Nile begins to swell, the hollow places of the land and the depressions by the side of the river first begin to fill, as the water soaks through from the river, and so soon as they become full of water, at once they are all filled with little fishes; and whence these are in all likelihood produced, I think that I perceive.In the preceding year, when the Nile goes down, the fish first lay eggs in the mud and then retire with the last of the retreating waters; and when the time comes round again, and the water once more comes over the land, from these eggs forthwith are produced the fishes of which I speak. Making for more like a early June day rather than late March.Please become a Guardian Angel today by starting your monthly gift.

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The same however no longer lead the way as before, but the lead comes now to the females, and they leading the way in shoals do just as the males did, that is to say they shed forth their eggs by a few grains at a time, and the males coming after swallow them up.