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All admitted companies were required to subscribe to the Plan through Insurance Commissioner Frank Sullivans office by September 8, 1950.Initially, Kansas statutes required liability insurance limits of ,000/,000 bodily injury and ,000 property damage on all registered autos.They're on there already when you first switch it on, and until recently they were stuck on there whether you wanted them or not.Some of these are essentials that you wouldn't ever want to be without - like Messages, Clock, Calendar and Camera.These include: For now, the best way to hide the Apple apps that can't be deleted is to move them into a folder and then shunt that folder to a home screen buried below all your other home screens.

Thus, this non-profit entity is looked upon as a quasi governmental agency/private enterprise undertaking.

The next challenge is getting an icon the same colour as the background/folder.

Download an app icon designing app from the App Store such as App Icons and create an app using your screen grab of the grey folder.

However, there are also apps that people are less interested in using, and it can be frustrating if they take up room on your Home screens, making it more difficult to find the apps you use daily.

Since Apple launched i OS 10 it's been possible to delete some (but not all) Apple apps.

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We found that the easiest way to get a background the same colour as the folder was to screen grab a folder by selecting one so that it was enlarged on the screen, taking a screen grab, then opening the image in Photos and cropping it so that any icons weren't part of the image.

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