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Dating global hiv positive site

‘Given that Craigslist did not make an explicit effort to enter into specific locations based on the prevailing levels of HIV, site entry is likely to be random with respect with the HIV trends, which justifies the validity of the experiment,’ he suggests.The researchers also compared the predicted ‘natural’ HIV infection rate based on multiple demographic factors with the actual rate where Craigslist was introduced.

"I think that dating services will be useful for HIV-positive people," she said.

In 1995, Craigslist took a very old fashion service, the classified ad, online.

Twenty years later, people in around 700 cities and 70 countries have used the site to advertise everything from second-hand furniture to 300 stuffed penguins.

"I challenged the last date that I had who left me when I disclosed my status.

"I asked him whether he would have been comfortable having sexual relations with me using a condom, had I not disclosed.

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‘I actually think that the creators of Craigslist had no intent of harming society.