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Dating factory

Graham Forsdyke worked with the Singer Company directly to remove some of the errors and fix the anomalies in the old chart records, but some have still been found, especially in the post-ET serial number sequences.

Sometimes you might find a rogue 221, for example, in a batch of 50,000 99K machines.

Copyrights are owned by the Berlin-based agency "Culture Management Berlin".

A joint licensing agreement for offering this entire database on the Internet, print media is only between the Culture Management Berlin [Germany] and the Singer Corporation NV [USA]. The only production records from the Anderson factory is the "NA" Series Register Numbers in 1951 when a limited edition of only 10,000 Singer Model 301 sewing machines were allotted for Singer's 100th Anniversary.

Singer along with the Berlin-based agency "Culture Management Berlin" created a database of Singer sewing machine world productions in 2000 and 5 years later the list was finally finished and published in 2005.

The date is given as a "birthdate", however, is simply the day on which vast batches of serial numbers were released to the various factories.Ultimately a successful risk management program requires the execution of an effective hedge. The marketing and ad aspects of Facebook and all social media are changing dramatically.If you use or have never used social media for your marketing, you must constantly be aware of changes. Are you ready to capture some mesmerising wildlife pictures, use these wildlife photography tips and you'll be surprised to see the difference in results after applying these tips. If you have a less time and you are planning to visit India, we have a perfect plan tailored for you.We would be pleased to receive any comments or corrections, just be aware that most of the seeming anomalies come from inaccurate readings of the original documentation which were sometimes taken from poorly stamped serial numbers.Some people like to find machines associated with a particular year - whether it be a birth year, anniversary, etc.

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The Singer 301, 301A, 401A and 403A all have NA serial numbers but were not manufactured until 1952, 1953, 19, respectively.