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It was back in the day when it was called "Australian personals" and there was like one dating website. Today most people try online dating, or dating apps. It’s also a lot easier to meet many singles in one go.If you live in Australia, dating online is the thing to do! If you want a West, North, East or South Australian dating site, we’re here for you.It’s like a big online party and if someone starts disrupting the party it’s no fun.We can’t really do much about people telling white lies in their profiles, nor can any Australian singles dating site, but people who do are rare and usually end up with disappointed dates! Single life is best if it’s shared with other Aussie singles who like to have fun and flirt.

There was a time when dating sites were for computer geniuses only, because they were the only ones clued in enough to use the internet.

Over the past 15 years in Australia, the proportion of working women has increased significantly.

Social barriers which once existed in Australia no longer matter.

Australia has a lot of singles and it’s a pity being single and not meeting that many of them!

What you can also expect when you look to meet Australian singles online is that people are open to conversation.

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