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Daryl Hannah says she can at last put the past to rest. Hannah, 46, reckons she's lived most of her life in a vacuum because of crippling shyness.It has haunted her: half-told stories of strange behaviour that made her sound in urgent need of psychiatric treatment. Yet she has appeared in nearly 70 films over the past 30 years. "Many actresses are playing other people because they are shy," she counters."The one thing they do well in Los Angeles is smell out fresh meat," she says."After that, it's a matter of making sure that you are not used or abused.

She sits looking poised and confident in a low-key restaurant in Venice while attending the city's annual film festival.

But she took them into adulthood, a woman so shy she would shake if she had to talk to a stranger and who fainted with fear on David Letterman's talk show in America.

But I'm not hiding any more."She spent her childhood making up and talking to imaginary characters, like many children.

"I would say: 'This isn't in the script.' And they would say: 'Oh, we've added it.

We felt it was integral to the character's development.' There are some real sleazeballs around.

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I just needed film sets and costumes to live out my fantasy."Hannah is aware that she makes herself sound both nerdy and needy. "I wanted to go to the land of Oz every day," she says.

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