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Craig luchin dating

I absolutely could not imagine anyone minding a remembrance to Cosmo. We have finally thawed out and the water is flowing again.

I live on the shores of a small lake in upstate NY.

You see, many of you only recall the High School times, but for me, it started at PS 105 and earlier. The most responsible "irresponsible" person of his time. Joe Marasco Steve was the best friend I had in Rockaway. Although it has been over 15 years since I last saw him, I still think of him often and will carry his memory in my heart forever. Denice Vogel Although for the life of me I don't recall ever meeting Steve, I do remember his sister Rochelle and her husband Andy Lask very well.

Incredible athlete, scholar student, funny person without a chip on his shoulder and something went wrong. Barbara Sundack Charlie was the Best Man at our wedding. Please accept my best wishes, Rochelle, and send my regards to Andy and his brother Scott. Lang I should have written this years ago but had done too much "eulogizing" for a while. Lang I remember riding on the handlebars of my brother's bike heading up to play Skeeball on 35th Street, then to the Bump-a-cars where I later ended up working.

I don't dwell on those bad times, just the GRAND times. Warren Mitchell I just recently found out that Joyce has passed on. He also was a loving grandfather to thirteen grandchildren. While working for Republic he lost two fingers off his left hand. We are sure there isn't one day that goes by and someone doesn't think of him. Steve Elkin was one of the funniest kids I'd ever known. Then he took me to Jerry's Kinishes and the fudgy-wudgys man on the beach where he later bought me an icebar...let's not forget about Lenny's "Fascination", when he used to chase me home in the wee hours and "Ellies" luncheonette, where I spent most of my high school days cutting classes and my brother, kicking my butt for it.

Bruce went through some difficult times, but even at his worst moments, he would give you the shirt off his back, and maybe the pants too, if that would make you laugh. Stewart Fox, 1972 I can still see Bruce the first time I met him. No matter what the occasion, Bruce had us laughing.

He was always a good friend, ready to listen and I always knew I would walk away smiling.

He was kind, fun, a great athlete and I guess a bit troubled. David Abelson Dawn's mother and my mother were friends before either one of us were even born. She was a beautiful and talented woman who was very involved in school activities.

I remember her fashion sense as being "eclectic" and she was definitely a woman before her time. Elaine Perry is my cousin thru my father (Lenny Kohn). Perry, please keep an eye on the rest of us and say hello to Nana for me.

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He was a long time postal worker and had stayed in the area his whole life. Joe Marasco Cliff was my best friend and partner in life. He had a great love for Rockaway and those who ever had encounters with him will remember funny fond memories.

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