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The following diagram shows the main features of this task pane. Sets options when working with the XML Source task pane and the XML data, such as how to preview the data and control headings 4.

Opens the XML Maps dialog box, which you can use to add, delete, or rename XML maps 5.

Emas Accounting offers flexible and effective Multiple-Currency capabilities for companies conducting international business.

Reports can be printed either in customer’s currency or your base currency. The Customer Statement can be consolidating into one statement. your customer has 5 branches or subsidiaries and you require printing 5 branches or subsidiaries statement and consolidating into one statement of account.

Microsoft Excel makes it easy to import Extensible Markup Language (XML) data that is created from other databases and applications, to map XML elements from an XML schema to worksheet cells, and to export revised XML data for interaction with other databases and applications.

In short, XML greatly eases the definition, transmission, validation, and interpretation of data between databases, applications, and organizations.

The XML standard also defines Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) (.xslt) files, which are used to apply styles and transform XML data into different presentation formats.

XML follows industry-standard guidelines and can be processed by a variety of databases and applications.

Using XML, application designers can create their own customized tags, data structures, and schemas.

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When you enter the payment or receipt voucher entry, the system automatic prompt out the unpaid bill for that particular customer for user to select which bill to pay. The system should able to assign job & responsibilities.

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