Comixology pull list not updating

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In the decade since the service became available, over 600 shops have subscribed to Comixology’s retail services, which only cost shops around per month.

These tools also provide a comic shop locator to customers looking to find new stores.

undermining the “unlimited” aspect of the subscription.

Comi Xology's patent-pending Guided View technology allows readers to read through comics in full screen or from panel-to-panel, mimicking the natural movement of the eye as though readers were experiencing reading a print comic book.

What should I do before all these sites are retired?

Please go in to your retailer.account and archive all your data.

After Amazon's controversial purchase of Comi Xology, the company removed the option of purchasing comics inside the i OS app.

Comi Xology's digital platform with Guided View reading technology is used in the company's own branded applications, and is the engine used by most major comic book publishers in the United States, including Marvel Comics and DC Comics for their privately branded digital services.

The company was founded in 2007 by CEO David Steinberger, CTO John D. Subsequent to winning the business plan competition at New York University, the company received seed financing from Kit Mc Quiston, New York Angels and Rose Tech Ventures.

As of March 30th, 2018 the Pull List and Pop Shops websites will no longer be active or accessible. We’ll continue to update Previews information until we retire the Pull List. We've decided to focus all our development efforts on our digital comics.

We make a weekly speadsheet that lists the next week's releases right here. Please contact your retailer on how to manage your actual in-store pull list to going forward.

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