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It has been dated at 4.5 billion years, which makes it older than the Earth itself." (Note: This report misidentifies the typology as a carbonaceous chondrite - Barwell is actually an L6) - nice frags available: .116g = SOLD .186g = SOLD .267g = SOLD .315g = SOLD .330g = SOLD .507g = SOLD #1 = -Rio Negro, Uruguay, 1994 One mass of 80 Kg was found & recovered by Edwin Thompson. /g 350g = 3,500- (H5) Found Oklahoma, about 1938. This is one of those now famous stories: Beaver was a single mass stone which a farmer struck with his plow eight consevutive years in a row, before digging it up and taking it into his house.

Thick pieces of it can be found elsewhere in the US for 0/g - here it can be had in THIN partslices at the same price, yielding vastly greater surface area to weight ratio. : 64.4 gram endcut, showing orientation and LOTS of fusion crust. It contains extremely large chondrules, various organic compounds and inclusions of an aluminum-calcium-titanium mineral that may be the first silicate minerals to have condensed within the solar nebula while our sun was only a proto-star in the process of being born.

It also contains the oldest material in the solar system as well as diamonds. The author devotes five pages to Allende and the text contains multiple photographs of this stone throughout the book.

Few specimens have been recovered in recent years due to the extensive initial field collecting and subsequent thorough combing of the area by local inhabitants for sale to collectors. Among the other many interesting aspects of Allende, unmanned probes have indicated that the only formation in the solar system which has the same refractive qualities and weight/mass ratio as Allende is Phobos, one of the moons of Mars!

The unusual fine-grained mineralogy of Bells matrix can be reasonably attributed to the combined effects of aqueous alteration and advanced brecciation in a parent body environment.

Extensive brecciation has assisted aqueous alteration by reducing chondrules and mineral grains into progressively smaller grains with high surface areas, which are more susceptible to dissolution reactions involving aqueous fluids.

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When the fragments were put together, the Barwell Meteorite was about the size of a Christmas turkey, making it the largest meteorite to fall in this country in recorded history.

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