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He'd spotted The Flying Bludgeon tackling a mugger on Wandsworth Common. Sherlock said that there were three possibilities - one was that KRATIDES actually existed.

He'd even photographed Professor Davenport, the leader of KRATIDES, in Beckenham. A possibility I actually think he was taking seriously.

She subsequently falls in love with him and accompanies him back to the outside world, taking on the alter ego of Diana Prince.

Secure: Like Wonder Woman herself, Trevor's backstory has seen many reboots in the heroine's history; but in the original 1941 comic he is an intelligence officer and pilot in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II.

oh, the things I saw...) and it turned out that, as expected, sales of KRATIDES had shot through the roof.Despite their mocking of Chris, people were rushing out to buy the comic so they could be there if and when the events came true.Sherlock contacted one of his friends who lived on the streets.You may have read about the comic's demise on Twitter, Facebook or Google .It’s not summer without Comic-Con, and this year there’s a ton of chances for fans to indulge in their favorite films, TV shows and comic books — among other pop culture phenomenon — at the San Diego Convention Center.

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They hadn't technically done anything illegal so there wasn't much we could do.