Brett dalton dating

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Brett dalton dating

And that's what allows him to jump through the portal, too, seeing things differently."As for how the reality of tonight's finale, which Dalton describes as "epic, but also explosive and unexpected," matches up with the story in Ward's head?

Well, you're just going to have to watch and find out.

And for Dalton's take on the major reveals, be sure to check back with us after the episode airs!

And there's this whole inner story going on in his own head.So, in a way, he sees himself not just the hero of his own story, but the hero of Hydra's story, which is a centuries-long story.So, it's a pretty cool thing to see him go from the narrow into this macro view of things. -- Ward is back as yet another version of himself.“This one is different, because it’s similar enough to be confusing at times, for me to play,” Dalton admitted.Brett Dalton is best recognized as Agent Grant Ward of ABC adventure series "Agents of S. In 2012 alone, he guest starred on police procedural drama series "Blue Bloods" also on Lifetime's drama "Army Wives".

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