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Bike or not dating site

This really should not have been a surprise, as the bike was manufactured in the French part of Switzerland.Fortunately, I don't have to shop for any of the critical parts; the ones that use French dimensions are original and still usable.After that, I altered the format of my teaching to be less class-like, and more like personalised sessions held in a group setting. Cruising around e Bay one day, I found a bike that resonated with my need for a new restoration project.As an experiment, I chased the threads with a tap, and the pedals screwed on easily. As time went on, I began fully to appreciate the strangeness of Swiss bicycle design.The bottom bracket, for example, has French dimensions, but unlike French BBs, the fixed cup uses a left-hand thread. Other parts, however, (such as the hub's freewheel threads--thank heavens! The frame looked pretty good, superficially, since it seemed to have been painted well.

The Normandy hubs shown above, with 27" Mavic clincher rims, were on the bike when I bought it.

At first, I suspected that they were French, but I found that they don't fit a French crank, either.

(Also, if they were French, they would probably be loose, not tight.) Probably just tight threads in the crank.

A big problem is the complete lack of frame artwork.

I probably will never know what kind of artwork it had originally.

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The bike was an Allegro, a Swiss creation, advertised as dating from 1954 (but, as I discovered, is probably from 1959.) I have several 1970s- to 80s-era Italian bikes and a nice, restored mid-60s Carlton Catalina (click here for a description), so I don't really need another of those.

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