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Beyonce and justin timberlake dating

Yet it was her, and her alone, who left with a lifetime ban from the Super Bowl, a ban from that year’s Grammy Awards, and a derailed career.

So it was expected that, as a courtesy, Timberlake would invite Jackson back to the stage at this year’s halftime show to make some form of public amends.

Justin Timberlake didn’t have anyone naked by the end of his songs at the Super Bowl, but that didn’t help his performance.

For days, rumours had been swirling about what Timberlake’s return to the Super Bowl would look like - 14 years since the performance where he accidentally ripped off Jackson's entire garment in an incident dubbed “nipplegate”, where he revealed her right breast.

It wasn’t quite a hologram, but Prince probably wouldn’t have been thrilled about the video projection of his face and Timberlake's cover.

Prince wasn't exactly a fan of Timberlake - he took a shot at his song "Sexyback" in 2006.

Indeed, the first performance suffered from a number of problems, such as lack of momentum or any real cohesive plan for what was to be accomplished.

He followed “Señorita” interlude and then a full band performance of “Sexy Back,” transitioning into a borderline EDM version of “My Love” and an operatic “Cry Me a River.” The “special moment” of the night was supposed to be a video tribute sing-a-long performance to Prince who appeared singing on a screen behind Timberlake.

On Thursday, Timberlake held a press conference in Minneapolis saying that there had been “a ton of grand ideas about special guests” including Jackson, *NSYNC, Jay Z and Chris Stapleton.

But ultimately he said his band The Tennessee Kids would be his “special guests.” Jackson released a statement on Twitter throwing subtle shade Timberlake’s way saying “I will not be performing at the Super Bowl.” singer opened with the first single from his fifth solo album “Filthy” as he made his way from an inside stage into the open stadium.

Still, it all just felt like a bunch of moments — some good, some not so much — stitched together.

It never felt like there was much rhyme or reason to what he was doing onstage, and certainly no indication that the show was building toward something.

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Justin Timberlake was playing cocktail waiter, handing out (nearly) glow-in-the-dark red shots to everyone onstage at the SAP Center in San Jose on Tuesday night.