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These include a Bleep Labs Thingamagoop and a Devi Ever Shoe Gazer and Bit Mangler.Blog posts during tours also reveal that he is still using a Bradshaw foot switch in 2012.There are also single pedals being stored, visible at the very bottom of the rack during : Electro Harmonix Big Muff (fuzz) and Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer.Since Hisashi began blogging in 2009, he's posted glimpses of recording sessions, including effect pedals that were perhaps newly acquired.In the studio, he continues to experiment with various devices but to keep his large sound palette manageable live, he switched towards incorporating midi and using foot controllers that triggered multi-effects in a rack system. So complex that the guitar sound often cuts out during television performances so the band mimes to a recording whilst Atsushi sings live.He has combined amps and there always seemed to be a Mesa Boogie among them back in the day. It appears that he uses other amps with Lucy, notably Orange.Again, when there are two pedals of the same thing, one is for regular guitar and one is for midi guitar (synth).Hisashi's rack at this time consisted of seems to be similar but I will list out in full what was printed in a magazine: Sony WD-820, three Ex-Pro Pro-10 (wireless receiver), two Juice Goose PD-2, Eventide H3000 (ultra harmonizer), Sony DPS-M7 (sonic modulator), Vital Audio mixer, Sony DPS-D7 (digital delay), Sony DPS-F7 (dynamic filter), Rocktron Patch Mate (program system), Rocktron RSB-18R (switching system), Soldano power amp, Engel tube preamp, Rocktron Pro GAP (programmable preamp), and Ztar VRS sampler and effectors.

(This was sold to the public as Fernandes S-3500BT.) In fact, Hisashi has continued to use this type of strap even in side projects such as Lucy.

) rack consisted of 2 Juice Goose PD-2, Digi Tech IPS-33B (harmonizer), Roctron Patch Mate (loop switch), Sony M7/D7/M7 (M7 is modulator and D7 is delay), Eventide H-3000 S (multi effector), Rocktron Bardshaw RSB-18R (switching system), Rocktron Pro GAP preamp, Soldano (main amp), Korg Mir & Wavestation (guitar synth module), Maxdon DMD2000 (delay), Rocktron G612 (line mixer), Roland GR-50 (guitar synth module), Ex-pro AD-1 & four Pro-1 (wireless system), Roland SPV-355 (guitar synth), and Mos Valve MV-962 Tube Works (main amp).

are pictured above: Rocktron footswitch, two Digitech Whammy-II pedal, and two Boss FV-300L (volume pedal).

"; can also be seen in the live concert video P-Project STJ-BT white pickups: 2 single coil controls: volume, tone, toggle switch usage: often, a main guitar at the time P-Project did sell copies of this as the Hisashi custom model; P-Project is owned by Fernandes can be seen in the music videos for "...

In Heaven...", "Just One More Kiss", "Misty Zone", "Physical Neurose", "Romanesque", "Victims of Love" P-Project STJ-BT black body: alder pickups: 1 single coil (Fernandes VH-7), 1 humbucker (Fernandes VH-4) controls: volume, tone, toggle switch usage: rare Fernandes Stratocaster STJ-BT pickups: 2 single coil, synth (midi) pickup at the bridge overall this is quite similar to the P-Project listed above Fernandes sold this starting around early 1989 as the STJ-80BT Hisashi custom model but those were plain white and this one pictured is Hisashi's personal guitar with his custom paint job STJ80BT sold to public specs: neck: maple, bolt-on fingerboard: rosewood, 24 frets body: basswood or sen pickups: FGI Technology-T controls: volume, tone, toggle switch bridge: combination-B usage: can be seen in the music video for "The World is Yours" Fernandes Telecaster TE-BT Proto black pickups: blade (front), humbucker (rear) usage: owned since around the time of major debut, rarely used live but this was the main guitar used to record when Fernandes sold the STJ-80BT as noted above, they were also selling Telecaster models of Hisashi (TE-80BT) and Hide (TE-75BT), which I believe this is the model it was based on) TEJ-80 sold to the public specs (available in white only): neck: maple, detachable neck joint fingerboard: rosewood, 24 frets body: basswood pickups: FGI Technology-T controls: volume, mini pickup selector switch, mini on-off switch bridge: combination-B this appears to be the TEJ-BT proto as listed in the book which statages that the single coil pickup is a Fernandes VH-7, the rear humbucker pickup is a Fernandes VH-4, and the body is made of alder Fernandes Hishiza this was Hisashi's first custom shape guitar and was later called the Tsuchinoko body: alder neck: maple/rosewood pickups: two Fernandes FGI technology single coil bridge: PR-9000 usage: this guitar is sometimes propped up by itself in concerts for easy access to another guitar without taking off the guitar Hisashi is currently playing can be seen in the live concert video Ovation Collectors Series 1988-P 6 string acoustic-electric guitar, lefty model pre-amp: OP-24 notes: Hide has the same model guitar Fernandes custom BT-MM (black on) white #1 Hisashi designed this guitar during the recording of in 1989.

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Darker Than Darkness Tour setup: Roland FC-100MK II foot controller for guitar synth, Bradshaw: RSB-18F foot controller with a RSB-18R rack as his switching system, two Digi Tech Wah WH-1pedals, two Boss Volume FV-200 pedals, and a Korg AT-1 tuner.

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