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Advice for dating a single parent

To send positive messages about the opposite sex: Being a single parent can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

By showing your child love and respect, talking honestly and staying positive, you can lessen your stress and help your child thrive.

Even though you know that is how it should be, it may still cause feelings of jealousy – whatever you do don’t nag or complain for more – this is likely to make your date feel like they have taken on another child rather than an adult date.

If, when and how you meet the kids has to be the decision of the parent.

A counselor might be able to help you and your child talk about problems, fears or concerns.

Try to regularly communicate with your child's other parent about your child's care and well-being to help him or her adapt.

it might be frustrating for you if you want to spend time with your new love and they simply can’t get away.

Try not to take it personally – they probably would want to spend more time with you if they could.

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Children who fare best in divorce have parents who continue to communicate on co-parenting issues, placing their children's needs above their own desire to avoid the ex-spouse.