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Viga: [From off camera] You also have to go see Spider-man: Homecoming!Linkara: We’ll see it when I can actually get my episodes out on time![Cut to the cover for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #11] Linkara [v/o]: The cover is good, featuring a high school yearbook full of characters of presumed relevance to the 2-parter.To aid with the aesthetic, it’s also sitting on top of some papers, a ticket to a dance and even a cassette tape for “Springsteed,” title track: “Born in Equestria.” Linkara: So, it’s a song about the hardships veteran ponies face in Equestria when returning home from Vietnam?!Then, for the holiday season, I covered an annual issue featuring some Pon-ifide versions of Christmas classics.

[Cut black with the caption said by Linkara in an echoey voice] “Time 4 Backstory” [Normal] In the 2-part season 2 finale of the show, the two got married, but part of the plot was that Twilight hadn’t been informed ahead of time that her brother was dating Cadance.

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Linkara [v/o]: And the owner of the teahouse sighs in the background. That means she’s gonna spend a crap ton more money here!

Linkara [v/o]: The two are heading back to their kingdom, the Crystal Empire, fairly soon so they can celebrate one-year anniversary together. Linkara: That’s one way to ensure that royalty doesn’t become spoiled, force them to do regular teenager jobs.

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